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You Can Find Love Through Online Dating - I Did And You Can Too!

Fall has arrived. The days are cooler and shorter. The leaves are turning and we may go for walks but mainly we spend more time indoors. When you don't have a partner it can be a very lonely time..

It's not much fun if you are alone.

Even though it is not the dead of winter yet, with the shorter days you are less likely to spend time outside. You can start to feel very isolated, especially if your friends have partners and are spending their time inside too. Less time to socialize.

It's time you find a loving relationship.

A new loving relationship can be in the cards for you this new season. Just believe it is your time to find love! Time for you to take that step to a new relationship. Time to say YES and find that love of your life!

Reach out and start online dating!

Don't be alone. I spent way too many birthdays, Thanksgivings, Christmas Days, New Years, all alone because I was afraid to try. I was afraid I might get hurt. But I finally took the steps to find love through online dating and I am so happy I did.

Yes you can find love through online dating.

You have to be brave, be open to finding love, take that first step. That step to find your special someone, find love, that you know you want. Time to find someone you can share your life with.

How can I say that? Well if you have been here before you know that I found my love online. If you are new to this site you can check out my bio here to learn more about my finding love online.

Online dating has been around for a long time. But if you are trying online dating for the first time the fact it is now more than 'acceptable' may not make it any easier for you. I know, taking that first step, and trying online dating can be difficult. I was reluctant to sign up at an online dating membership site at first too (actually someone signed me up :-) But I sure don't regret doing that now! I married the man I found through online dating and it's almost 15 years now since we were married.

If you want to try it but not sure, here is some advice I offer.


How To Start With An Online Dating Site

First you need to decide on which online dating site you want to try. Many online dating sites offer free trials so don't be afraid to try one, two or more (I found more than one online dating site helped me and it also helped my chances). Not sure what online dating site to register with? What I did, in fact, was look at the name of the site to see if it felt 'right'. Sometimes the name of the site will give you a hint that that this may be the one. Browse some of the pictures of people who are registered as they may give you a 'feeling' whether that online dating site is right for you. There are also specialty sites that cater to, for example, particular religions, single parents, and more.

Once that's done, the online dating site(s) will guide you through the registration process.

Your Profile Is Important

If you haven't filled out your profile yet I suggest you take the time to answer the questions about who 'you are' as honestly as possible. Keep in mind that the person who sees your profile will base what you write as much, if not more, than the picture (or video) you provide.

When you answer what type of person you are looking for, take the time to really think about all the aspects of the person you are seeking. Don't necessarily think of appearance, although that is important, but really determine characteristics of what you want in a partner.

Write a list of characteristics of what type of person you know will make you happy (a sense of humour, creative, active, educated, etc.). I know I say it over and over, but be honest, and, be honest with yourself about the type of person you really want to find. Remember, you are also sending out a particular 'vibe' in your profile. You want the person who contacts you to be the right fit.

Once you have filled out your profile, keep it in your mind each time you think about your potential mate. This will help you when you are looking at possible connections plus when someone contacts you. Knowing what you are looking for will make online dating much easier and less frustrating.

Yes You Can Find Love Online!

I/we are proof. Finding love through Online dating does work. If you truly want to find your soul mate you can.

Online dating sites give you the ability to share pictures, send messages, share videos, and so much more. All you need to do is reach out and others will reach out to you as well.

Think about it, with so many members on online dating sites, from all over the world, the choices are huge and the chances even greater of finally finding that special one. There is someone right for you out there.. just waiting for you to join that online dating site so you can find each other! So don't just think about it - do it. You will be happy you did!

Online Dating Sites

We invite you to visit our UPDATED gallery of online dating sites and begin your journey to finding your love through an online dating site!

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